Chris Diller – I Got Your Back (360)

Back at with my man Chris Diller. The concept of this video was pretty simple. Since Chris is the ultimate one man band, I pitched the idea to him of creating a video that would be Chris Diller featuring Chris Diller, Chris Diller, and Chris Diller. Below is the result!

Rabil’s World

While never playing Lacrosse growing up, a part of me really wish I did.  A few weeks ago I had the chance to learn and try something new, creating my first 360 video. This technology is insane, and I can’t wait to do more. The Youtube version can be found on Paul’s channel here: Paul Rabil’s Youtube Channel

Be sure to watch on your phone at the highest resolution or in Google Chrome.




Behind The Scenes from the shoot can be seen here:




Wyoming 2015


What has become the annual trip to Wyoming didn’t disappoint. No new snow but plenty good times to be had! Biggest news is the Wyoming Wet Whistle SCD (Shot/Chug/Dunk) was a huge success. Last year I was the sole participant but convinced five others to join me this year…they loved it. Bigger and badder in 2016 for sure.






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