El Salvador

Spent the last week in El Salvador with some old friends and some new friends. It was adventure in many senses. Delta decide to ship my bag to LA instead of San Salvador, which is an unsolved mystery as they did it to half the plane. This left me in the same clothes for the first five days of the trip. Even the bag arrived, delivering it still seemed to be an issue.

But things could have been worse. Borrowed a pair of board shorts and surfed everyday. Not much to complain about there.

After sunny and 90 degree temps for a week, its off to Jackson to go skiing next week.

Appalachian Trail

With the week off between Christmas and New Years I have had a fair amount of free time. I have taken a few opportunities to learn my new camera setup, the Sony A7ii. One of the biggest factors that drove me the camera was the size and weight. I found most of the time I didn’t want to carry my canon it was because of the size. My goal is to have the camera with me more, and thus take more pictures. With rather warm weather for December, Josh and I decided to lace up the boots and go for an overnight trip. We managed to stay warm enough and start the year off on the right foot. Coffee always tastes better after a night in the woods.



New Faces // New Places

The last day of 2014 was good one. Unfortunately the wife had to work, but I took the time off to go do some exploring. Meet up with a new friend, Isaiah Williams. We originally connected when I contacted him about some gear for my new camera. Stayed in touch every since and final meet in person and fired off some shots. Check out his website for more pictures!


наркологическая круглосуточная больница в Москве.