Blizzard of 2016

In Baltimore we got absolutely dumped on this month! Jonas brought about 30″ of snow to the city. Had lots of opportunities to get and be a kid! My friend Tyler and I jumped in the truck and toured around the neighborhood with GoPro in tow. Later in the week we also did a little street session.

During the Blizzard we lucked out and meet an amazing photographer, Shawn Hubbard I noticed his gear as he was walking down the street and asked if wanted to hop in the truck and shoot some pictures of Ty. He got some great stuff.

This much snow makes me want to get out West and get some skiing in! Hopefully, we find some time this month.










Shawn Hubbard Photos:

Chris Diller – I Got Your Back (360)

Back at with my man Chris Diller. The concept of this video was pretty simple. Since Chris is the ultimate one man band, I pitched the idea to him of creating a video that would be Chris Diller featuring Chris Diller, Chris Diller, and Chris Diller. Below is the result!

Rabil’s World

While never playing Lacrosse growing up, a part of me really wish I did.  A few weeks ago I had the chance to learn and try something new, creating my first 360 video. This technology is insane, and I can’t wait to do more. The Youtube version can be found on Paul’s channel here: Paul Rabil’s Youtube Channel

Be sure to watch on your phone at the highest resolution or in Google Chrome.




Behind The Scenes from the shoot can be seen here:




Chris Diller – Federal Hill

Sometimes you just need to grab a camera and see what you can come up with. Force yourself and try something new and the results can be great and you can learn something along the way. That’s exactly what this was. Chris asked me if I wanted to film him recording his new song in studio, my response “Sure, sounds like fun.” And after finishing this…I can’t wait to do it again!

Be sure to check Chris out at Chris Diller Music. He plays shows all over the Baltimore, D.C. area, check him out!


The Kirby’s


Mike and Sarah asked me to take some Engagement Photo’s for them. This is not really my cup of tea, however I wanted to help out some friends. I agreed as long as after we got a few of the “run of the mill” shots we could try something new. This video is what I came up with. I think with a little better execution, this could be awesome to replicate.




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