Surfing is full of so many emotions, but what draws me to it the most is how when you’re in the water, nothing else really matters. It’s just you and the ocean. Aside from the occasional hoot and holler when your buddies snag a good one, or busting their balls for missing the big one, there are still moments of solitude.

Everyday I look photo’s from guys like Chris Burkard, Zak Noyle, Morgan Maassen, Andy Bardon and I am jealous of them being in the water with their camera. Saturday marked the first time I took my camera out into the line up. The ocean and waves presented a whole new challenge when trying to capture an image, but I loved every second of it. I swam in a pair of borrowed fins until I cramped up. Pure stoke and can’t wait to do it again.

This weekend was great, good company, good weather, good waves, couldn’t ask for more.

Need to order a few more accessories from Outex but I already ordered a set of fins!!

Going back to Jackson

Tomorrow morning I am headed back to Jackson, WY. This will be my second trip, with the first being to going skiing and see some friends back in February. I am super stoked to be attending the Adventure Photography Workshop hosted by Summit Workshops.

New Website

Out with the old and in with the new. My previous site had gone neglected for some time. I decide to rebrand and head in a new direction. Welcome to IDJ Photo. Stay tuned for updates and revisions in the coming weeks.

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